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Doing words I

Doing words - I

Doing words help you say what people and animals are doing.

We simply add "ing" to the doing word (e.g., climb) in some sentences.
Example:  The snail is climbing up the wall.

We repeat the last letter when we add "ing" to some doing words (e.g., slip).
Example:  The snail is slipping down the wall.

Type "ing" in the correct form to each doing word in the brackets.
Then type the word to fill each blank below.

Seu desempenho  


Roger is _______ a cup of hot chocolate. (sip)



Peter is _______ after the puppy. (run)


The dog is _______ at a stranger. (bark)


The maid is _______ water from the well. (draw)


Jane is _______ on a small stool. (sit)


Sam's dog is _______ its tail. (wag)

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